Vinyl Guru Cardboard Storage Box for 7 inch 45RPM Records

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Stackable sturdy double wall strong cardboard box provides safe and secure storage to help protect your record collection and keep it in mint condition

There's enough space to store records in poly or PVC sleeves, you can even fit in tabbed record dividers (available separately) to keep your discs super organised. Ideal if you need to store a large record collection safely and securely. Each box holds a total quantity of around 150 x 7" vinyl single records in paper sleeves plus poly or PVC sleeves if you have them. Boxes are supplied flat packed and are part folded ready for easy assembly. The design includes a separate lid so the boxes can be neatly stacked on top of each other to save space.

Internal dimensions are: 21 x 21 x 46.5cm

External dimensions are: 21.5 x 21.5 x 48cm

Made from extra strong double wall thick card

6 x strength end pieces equal to thickness of 6 standard pieces of single wall cardboard

4 x strength bottom equal to thickness of 4 standard pieces of single wall cardboard

No hand holes cut out which gives box extra strength