Vinyl Guru 8mm Spirit Level for Tonearm Headshell Cartridge Stylus Calibration

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Check your turntable tonearm and headshell assembly are level to make sure you get the best from your vinyl record collection. A mini spirit level that sits on the headshell of your tonearm while it is tracking. A great set up device - it is removed for normal playback. 8mm diameter and 0.2g in weight so it can be placed on the tonearm while it is tracking. The sensitive level can then be used to accurately check azimuth and VTA. The pictures show the level being used on a Naim Aro tonearm with a £1000 mc dynavector cartridge. It can be used to set up and precisely optimise the listening experience that this or any other combination can achieve. All tonearms and cartridge combinations will be improved. Feedback indicates this product has had widespread usage and approval. The tonearm is not included.

8mm Diameter

0.2 grams weight